Welcome to Bakersfield Vegans. Bakersfield, California is a large agricultural based city. Our city is hot, dry, and lots of people have certain stereotypes and ideas about who we are. But, one thing is true, we are all, sometimes despite our circumstances, able to be compassionate, caring, and healthier people. Because of this knowledge, and because of my notice in demand for vegan products and items at stores in our town – I knew there were other vegans out there.


But the thing is – of course there are vegans out there but there are vegans right here! This is what sparked the creation of Bakersfield Vegans. It started out with one girl, me, and a Facebook group! I found some people on Instagram who lived here, who posted vegan food. I friended some people who then joined my little group. It began to grow right before my eyes.I planned one potluck, some time passed and some more people found my little group. I planned another, and another, and another, and soon I had over 400 followers on my Bakersfield Vegans instagram and over 100 people in my Facebook group.

All of this leads to where we are now, a city that prides itself on animal agriculture becoming more accepting and open to animal activism and veganism. Because of the action of so many vegans, so many open minds, we have more and more options – more and more awareness of what our cause is. Veganism is growing all over, especially in Bakersfield. Being vegan, especially here, can be hard and sometimes confusing but it is always important.